Bring visibility to your Zealy with our Discord Bot

To get your community to contribute to your Zealy you will need to communicate about it. Making announcements is great, but keeping people updated about what's happening in your Zealy is even better.
For that, we developed a set of features:
  • Discord roles assignment: If the user is connected with Discord, each time he levels up, we will assign him a new role by appending a prefix of your choice and its Zealy level.
  • New quest announcement: Every time you create a quest, the bot will send an embedded message that redirects to the newly created quest in the channel of your choice.
  • Level up congratulations: Mention users that level up in a channel 🎉
  • Quest completed: Bring transparency by sharing all the information related to a completed quest in a channel (user, reward, proof...)
  • Sprint winners announcement: when a sprint is over, all the winners and their rewards will be announced in the channel of your choice.
  • Give-xp/remove-xp with a Discord command.