Best practices

Since the beginning of Zealy, community managers tried a lot of different things to optimize the usage of Zealy in their communities. Here is a summary of what is working best:
  • Create momentum: create a community sprint to gain momentum and increase engagement. To create momentum., you can organize community sprint every one to eight weeks in relation to your company goals. To organize a community sprint, think about what is the goal of your company for the following weeks? You can do a sprint around an event/launch/feature. Align the rewards of the community sprint with your company goal. For example, if you have a big event in 2 weeks you can include free tickets as rewards. If you launch a beta app you can include very early beta access.
  • Start with a small number of quests: like a video game, you start with few options and unlock new levels along the way.
  • Push a new quest every 1,2 or 3 days: start with a small number of quests, and publish a new quest regularly. This will keep engagement high and create a pleasant habit for community members.
  • Make automatic quests: if you have a big community, use autovalidated submission type Quests 'Text', 'None' and 'Twitter' as much as possible to turn Zealy on auto-pilot. We’ve seen many communities having good results with info quests. For those we recommend hiding a secret keyphrase somewhere and using the autovalidated text submission.
  • Hire reviewers ASAP: reviewers can review the Quests. They are like moderators in Discord. Delegating the work is key to success. Spend your time on the strategy, and delegate the operations, so you can scale the community.
  • Create a channel Quest in Discord, so people can speak about them and help each other
  • Add elements of surprise: Double the XP on a specific Quest during a day.
  • Focus on making quests that make your contributors happy: the best way to keep engagement high is to have fun. Create games that help spread your vision. For example, you can create enigma/role-play/RPG quests in Discord. You access a discord channel named #enigma-adventure where you have to solve an enigma and give the correct answer in an auto-validated quest on Zealy. The quest give a discord role reward that allows you to access another channel, with another enigma/role-play or whatever… Until you find the final ultra-hard enigma with the huge reward.
  • Add conditions to your Quests: Discord role condition is filtering and redirecting contributors to your Discord, level > x & a limit in the number of claims is also great for filtering contributors that may apply to quality Quests
  • Make the contributors feel valued: create meaningful quests, and listen to their feedback and ideas.