Creating your first quest

The basics

A quest is a task that your community members can perform.
There are 5 different submission types: URL, text, image, none, and Twitter. Twitter quests are always automatically verified, and it's available as an option for text and none.
The recurrence sets how often a user will be able to complete a quest.
Conditions limits the quests to only be claimable during a certain timeframe or by users fulfilling the requirements, either in level, other quests completed or Discord roles.
You can set as many rewards as you like. XP and Discord Roles will be automatically sent out on successfully completed quests, while other rewards will need to be manually sent out. To do this you can export the reviews history.
In the content you can write anything you want. Just be sure to keep it clear, fun and concise.

Quick setup with templates

We know that copywriting is hard, which is why we are doing the heavy lifting for you with our template library. It consists of the most performant quests among all our communities and is frequently updated with new ones.
The only thing you need to do is to adjust the reward and adapt the content to fit your needs.

Testing a quest

As an admin you are not able to claim a quest, the claim button is disabled. If you want to claim a quest for testing purposes, just connect to your Crew³ with another account that is not admin.